Pat Fleming presents

The 2021 International Open


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It is each player’s responsibility to follow these rules. Players are always required to conduct themselves as professionals. Unsportsmanlike conduct may be subject to penalties.

↑↑ Official One-Pocket Rules ↑↑

PDF Version HERE

The official one-pocket rules are published on the One Pocket Website. Here is the link to the general rules:

The following special rules apply to the International One-Pocket Tournament.

  • Double elimination until 8 players remain; then single elimination to conclusion.
  • Race to 3 in all rounds.
  • Must lag for break.  No coin flips.
  • The Official One-Pocket rack is the Diamond Triangle Wood Rack.
  • Rack your own, opponent may inspect.
  • Alternate break.
  • Cue ball fouls only.
  • 3 Foul Rule applies.  Warning must be given when the player on 2 fouls approaches the table.
  • No jump cues allowed. 
  • Must jump with your playing cue only.
  • A ball made in the breaker's pocket on the break does not count and results in a re-break.
      There are no other options regardless of what else happens on the break shot.
  • The "base of the ball" determines it's playing legality. A ball 50/50 on the head string is playable.
  • Intentional fouls must be performed with a legal stroke.  Failure to do so results in an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty at the discretion of the official.
  • Both players cannot have a negative score.  For example, if the score is player A (-2) and player B (0).
    Player B takes a foul.  Instead of the score being A (-2) and B (-1), it becomes A (-1) and B (0).
  • An immediate loss of game occurs if a player has a negative score of 5 (-5).
  • Pocketing a hanging object ball and causing the cue ball or the hanging ball to fly off the table results in a foul.
    The object ball stays down and counts, and the opponent has ball in hand behind the head string.
  • ↑↑ International Big Foot 10-Ball Rules ↑↑

  • Races to 11.
  • Single elimination.
  • Alternate breaks.
  • All ball fouls.
  • Not call shot.
  • ↑↑ Official Nine Ball Rules - OPEN and JUNIOR ↑↑

    PDF Version HERE

    - OPEN: Double Elimination, then Single Elimination for final 16 players. Alternate Breaks and Neutral Rackers. Race to 10. Finals: Race to 13
    - JUNIOR: Double elimination, alternate breaks, race to 9

    The Accu-Rack is the only authorized rack. The Official Racker will rack the 1-Ball in front, and the 9-Ball on the spot. All other balls will be randomly placed. Players are not permitted to inspect the rack at any time.
    The Accu-Rack may be removed after the break if both players agree to do so. After it’s removed, the Accu-Rack cannot be placed on the rail. Upon request, at any time during the match, the Referee may be called upon to assist in removing the Accu-Rack, but it is the Referee’s decision as to whether the Accu-Rack can or cannot be safely removed.

    Players must lag for the opening break.
    Players must break from the designated break box, which is 9” to the left and 9” to the right of the head spot. Pocketing the 9-Ball on a legal break in any pocket wins the game immediately.
    Pocketing the 9-Ball on an illegal break requires that the 9-Ball be re-spotted immediately.

    The “all ball fouls” rule applies.
    This tournament is being played with “area” Referees; each Referee may be responsible for several tables simultaneously (except on the Accu-Stats TV Arena Table).
    Generally, the non-shooting player acts as the referee. However, either player may ask the area Referee to watch a shot or to clarify a rule. The Referee’s decision is final once summoned to the table, either before or after a shot has been taken.
    3 consecutive fouls is an automatic loss of game. A clear audible warning of “on 2 fouls” must be given to the incoming player as he approaches the table.
    After the game ball is pocketed, it is not a forfeit to touch any ball if it is obvious that it would have no impact on that rack. After a cue ball foul, it is not a forfeit to touch the cue ball when it is obvious that it would have no impact on that rack.

    Dress-type shirt (with or without a collar) or a dress-type sweater.
    Dress slacks; no sweat pants, warm-up pants, jogging pants, cargo pants, or jeans.
    Dark shoes or dark-colored tennis or walking-type shoes; no sandals, slippers or open-toed shoes.
    No headphones, earphones, earplugs, iPod, Bluetooth devices, hats, caps or headgear.
    Hearing aids are permitted.
    Note: Any dress code exception to the above must be approved by the Tournament Administration prior to the Tournament.

    Players must turn off (use the airplane mode) cell phones and all personal electronic devices during the entire match.
    Smoking and the use of E-cigarettes are not allowed anywhere in the tournament rooms.

    Both players must be in the tournament room at their scheduled match time, even if their scheduled match table is currently in use.
    Forfeit time is 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, or when the table becomes available, whichever is later. If a player is not present at his table a few minutes after the starting time, his opponent must notify the Referee. Only the Tournament Administration can declare a forfeit.

    Each player may take one 5-minute time-out period per match. The Referee must be notified when a time-out is being taken. A time-out may only be taken during your inning or if you are breaking. Smoking and the use of E-cigarettes is prohibited during any time-out.

    Referees will monitor the pace of play on all tables.
    Referees will issue a speed-up warning after 1 hour if the pace is not satisfactory. Approximately 10 games should be completed after 1 hour. If the pace remains unsatisfactory, the Referee may implement a 30-second shot clock, with one extension per player per game.

    Concessions are not permitted at any time. The penalty for a concession is the loss of the conceded game, and also a one game deduction from the offending player’s score.

    Jump cues are allowed. The jump cue must have a minimum length of 40 inches.
    Cue extenders are allowed. Players may use their own bridge, provided it is legal in all aspects.

    Once a game is in progress, only the Referee, upon request, is permitted to clean any ball.
    The shot clock will continue to run during ball cleanings.

  • ↑↑ EQUIPMENT ↑↑

  • Diamond 9' pool table
  • Simonis 360 Cloth
  • Aramith Belgian Balls
  • Outsville Accu-Rack 9-Ball Rack template
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